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October 7 , Thursday

development of bicycle infrastructure and cleaning of open water:
Ukrainian and Dutch expertise

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On October 7 at 15:00 will happen the presentation of startups' projects within the program "SYNCRO SPACE - Growing green cities lab" introduced by the hub of innovation for cities SYNCRO SPACE, WorldStartup platform and supported by The Netherlands embassy in Kyiv.

The program created a space for interaction between startups, experts and government authorities to find innovative ways to improve the infrastructure and ecology of the Rivne region along the Green Trail.

Rivne region chose the path of innovative development to a sustainable future. Our program was designed to bring the region closer to its desired goal! Together with the Rivne Regional State Administration and the Regional Development Agency of the Rivne Region, we decided to challenge the teams to solve two problems:

- cleaning open water
- developing cycling infrastructure

Ukrainian and Dutch were chosen as finalists and cooperated with each other throughout the course of the program. Moreover, the startups selected in July spent two months improving their innovative solutions utilising the support of Ukrainian and Dutch mentors and interacting with representatives of the regional administration to develop their solutions.

As a result, the teams will have the opportunity to implement their pilot solutions for the development of the Green Trail of Rivne.

Join the presentation offline or online and watch the Rivne region becoming the region of the future!
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ukraine
Vitalii Koval
Head of Rivne Regional State Administration
Alexander Tretyak
(to be specified)
Mayor of Rivne
Sergey Hemberg
Deputy Head of Rivne Regional State Administration
Alissa Ban'kovska
Founder and
Roman Zinchenko
Co-founder of Greencubator
Maxim Bakhmatov
Founder and head of Transformation office
Victor Moshinsky
Rector of NUVGP
Dmitry Kotlyarov
chief architect of Rivne, ideologue of the Green Trail
Yuri Kaigorodtsev
Architect, urban planner, founder of PLITOS, Inlab architects and Inlab school
Mykola Dedovets
PM of the Regional Development Agency
Elizabeth Koval
Training and development expert in
Daniel Steginga
Lab Director (WorldStartup)
Svetlana Khristenko
Sprint Facilitator (WorldStartup)
Thursday, October 7
Opening of the event:
Innovations as a driver of development
Introductory speeches by Jennes de Mol, Vitaliy Koval, Oleksandr Tretyak (to be specified), Viktor Moshinsky
15:20 – 16:05
15:20 – 16:05
How to apply the best international innovation practices
Discussion panel with the participation of Serhiy Hemberg, Alissa Ban'kovskaya, Maxim Bakhmatov and Roman Zinchenko
16:05 – 16:20
16:05 – 16:20
Bottom-up co-creation programs are the future for supporting international business
Gerrit Jan van't Veen, WorldStartup, the Netherlands
programme's partner and CEO of a global entrepreneurship platform WorldStartup, will present the agenda of the Growing Green Cities Lab programme.
16:20 – 16:40
16:20 – 16:40
Presentation of solutions for the open water
З The teams proposition is the launch of the SONAR platform - a floating stage with filtration and aeration system and autonomous power supply. This platform will serve a purpose of mechanical and biological treatment of reservoirs with its possible utilization for creative projects, music concerts, etc.

Filtered residues gathered by the SONAR (excessive flowering of water bodies and household waste) should be collected and treated onshore using composters and sorting facilities. The location and equipment of the compost and sorting facilities will depend on the cartography of the area, type of water pollution and available infrastructure.

The project accounts for an active eco-recreation with its proposition to install a park. The park will acommodate aqua-bicycles and catamarans that are equipped with filtration baskets for collecting household waste and small aquatic plants that usually multiply in polluted reservoirs. So, SONAR is a proposition for public to involve themselves with cleaning water bodies on a recreation and entertainment basis.
16:40 – 17:00
16:40 – 17:00
Presentation of solutions for the development of cycling infrastructure
Comfortable conditions are crucial to motivate people to use bicycles and individual electric vehicles. In Ukrainian cities, in contrast to the Netherlands, electric transport is actively developing and is not limited to the use of bicycles.

As part of the program, the team offers charging stations and maintenance facilities for individual bicycles and electric vehicles along the bike paths of the Green Trail.

The pilot project envisages the possible location of several stations on specific sections of the Trail. Such stations are well-organized spaces with rest areas for drivers, recharging/repairing utilities and information points.

Moreover, the solution employs both Ukrainian and Dutch technologies in one station. The recharging utilities make use of Dutch wireless Tiler technology for electric bicycles, whereas the Ukrainian MoveOne technology is tailored for scooters and other vehicles.
17:00 – 17:10
17:00 – 17:10
Urban talks Rivne
Interview with Dmitriy Kotlyarov, chief architect of Rivne and initiator of the Green Path (to be specified), with Alissa Ban'kovskaya as a moderator.
Program team talk with:
Daniël Steginga - Lab Director (WorldStartup), Svitlana Khrystenko - Workshop facilitator (WorldStartup), Elizabeth Koval - Development and Training Expert (SYNCHRO SPACE), Mykola Dedovets - PM Development Region.
The discussion participants will touch upon the fascinating things about the program, share their impressions, conduct a SYNCHRO quiz for the audience, and draw exciting prizes.

Closing of the event
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