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SYNCHRO SPACE HUB and the Dutch platform WorldStartup with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine have announced the launch of a joint program in Rivne

May 11 / 2021

There are thousands of cities worldwide that strive to move into an innovative future with a clean environment. Rivne is one of such cities, because it has chosen sustainable development and healthy living conditions for its citizens.

The Ustya River bank is an ideal area of the Rivne region for the introduction of bottom up innovations in various fields: water management, development of green spaces, mobility and other aspects that are crucial for a healthy life in a city nowadays. Such innovations are called "bottom up" for a reason. This path is about small steps in the life of each of us. It is about learning by doing, implementing initiatives that really work. At last, it is about reflection.
Note that SYNCHRO SPACE HUB and WorldStartup are working together not for the first time. We have already achieved a lot with our joint efforts, that is why we expect for the effective continuation of our cooperation.
In order to work productively, we are setting up an urban lab in Rivne. Firstly, such a platform will create an opportunity for several parties to cooperate by uniting for a common goal. These parties are think tanks and universities, businesses and startups, public authorities and any other people striving for the development of their local community. Secondly, the lab will be rooted in an existing network of relevant institutions across the world, having access to the best resources for innovation.

Our program is designed to show how startups can effectively change our cities. We implement valuable the Dutch expertise and support the development of the Ukrainian innovative business to create our sustainable green cities of the future. We will select 4 best startups from Ukrainian and Dutch sides that are aimed at developing water management and cycling infrastructure. Afterwards, we will implement these projects Rivne.
The Growing Green Cities Lab program will run from May to September 2021. During this time frame, SYNCHRO SPACE HUB and WorldStartup will do the following:
  • Identify tasks that have to be solved in Rivne.

  • Choose Ukrainian and Dutch startups, after which we will organize their cooperation for the city development.

  • Launch and provide support for pilot projects in the city.
Moreover, we invite everyone interested to become part of our community. You can be an expert in a related topic, an entrepreneur etc. The development of the city and the urban laboratory in particular is a joint process aimed at healthy and sustainable development.
About us:

SYNCHRO SPACE HUB and WorldStartup are an alliance of two experienced teams working in the field of international innovation support. Our special focus is on Sustainable, Equitable and Resilient Cities.
Author of the article: Serhii Syrbu
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