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Today, Ukraine is faced with the inevitable need to prepare for the transformation of coal regions, mine closures and the green transition. To this end, the government is joining forces with international organizations and various initiatives.

This is a joint initiative of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the Hub of Innovations for Cities SYNCHRO SPACE - held in autumn 2021. "Hackathons of coal mining cities. Mine new ideas!" for the pilot cities of Chervonohrad and Myrnohrad, where the coal mines to be liquidated are located and where a fair transformation of the coal regions is to be carried out accordingly.

The program corresponds to the concept of the state program of fair transformation of coal regions in Ukraine and is supported by the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Reintegration of temporary occupied territories, in cooperation with Donetsk and Lviv administrations and municipalities of Chervonohrad and Myrnohrad.

Suggest your solutions for the transformation of pilot coal cities!
An international hackathon jury headed by Minister of Community and Territorial Development Oleksiy Chernyshov will select the most promising solutions for implementation in the pilot cities of Chervonohrad and / or Myrnohrad, as well as other coal cities.
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